Monday, May 9, 2011

Exam Week

Assalamualaikum. Hi!

Erm..talking bout exams..we sure have our own story..but as for me, it goes went like this:

Before exam: hoyeah!excited overr2 sebab study week ta yah g kelas. STUDY?ala sat la, exam next week kabut buat pa. InsyaAllah byk mase lg. Dah tu pung-pang pung-pang bersuke ria sane sini ngn membe2 kan..dari UM mule lah memanjangkan langkah ke IPBA. Ta cukup tu Mid Valley, The Curve, KLCC, TS sampaila ke Bukit Cerakah kat S.Alam sane nu jalannye. Lg satu, hari2 keluar makan, konon-konon bosan food kat kolej *dan2 je pdhl hari2 dok mkn situ xpna pulak complain* Nmpk beno nk jenjalan sebenanye.

2 days to go nak exam: Eh paper HE dulu ke, APK ek?Ey wait,or English first?Thehee *gelak sensorang malu-malu bukak fail cari exam slip* Siap toleh2 belakang,takut rumate perasan nak exam baru nk amik tau exam ape yg nk di amik.Haih, don't do this at home k? T_T

After first day exam: Alhamdulillah!yeay!merdeka 3 papers!Terkinja-kinja kt luar exam hall sebab seronok next paper will be a week after. Mulela otak berjalan laju mereka planning utk seminggu 'free' tu. Hehe. Tapi study ta lupe ok,sebab next paper Deutsch^^

On 3rd MAY: Study habis dah. But still, i kept reading through my notes. I took a glance at my watch, n thought, before it's getting too late, I better go to sharina's room to discuss at least a lil bit more. When I was about to leave, it crossed my mind to check my things to bring into the hall for the exam the next day. Stationery,perfect. Matric card,in my pencil case. Tumbler,filled with water.,mane fail saye??Slip exam inside!Cuak kot,gigil2 cari sampai peluh2. Ta jumpe jgk. Isk3,rase sgt down sampai hlg mood nk study. Mmmgla org kate tader ta pe. Tp rs down sbb careless. Slalu sgt misplace brg,lupe bnd sniri. Mama & Abah kate, nnt klau ade anak pun ttgl kt supermarket sebab lupe T_T

My friends did ease my feeling, they texted me & said evrything's gonna be just fine. I love my friends for they always being by my side whenever I need them. But then, someone called me. I don't know how to describe how I actually felt that time. Since long, ta dengar suare die. Somehow, I felt so relief, like a big,heavy stone was taken away from me. I started to release my stress, to let go of the uneasy feeling. somehow motivating me, n it worked. I didn't even realize, when I started to smile. Because all that I knew, I haven't stopped smiling even when I was on bed, ready to sleep. You, yes YOU. You always know when to speak, what to say, and how to touch me even with a line. You, don't need to speak a lot sometimes, or being near to me, because you know exactly what to say, so that I can feel your presence despite your absence. Thank you, for being such an inspiration.

Ni gamba rajah slip exam saye.
Pagi tu, I woke up at 5.30am. Alhamdulillah, siap2 mengurus diri, I opened my precious tafsir. I said to myself, ayat ape hari ni saye nak dapat. What happened next? Subhanallah, somehow I felt, a lot, lot more relief inspite of what happened to me the night before.
"Dan sesungguhnya Dialah yang menjadikan orang tertawa dan menangis." An-Najm 53:43
Sangat direct dpt jwpn kpd ape yg berlaku. Sweet nye Allah,thank you sbb ta lupe bg peringatan kat saye dalam kesibukan menghadapi exam. ^^

p/s Last paper will be on 10th. Wish me luck, n all the best to all!