Monday, July 11, 2011

Enough Love

 Pernah tak rasa, tetibe badan tak sihat, makan tak selera, nak buat ape pun takde mood? One day we were so happy and feeling well, but suddenly the next day we can't even get up from bed. Rasa malas menguasai diri, rasa tak nak buat pape. Rasa sakit lah senang cite..Padahal tak sakit pe pun. Seharian do nothing, bile malam mata tamo lelap. Mengada-ngada lah. And this is exactly what I am feeling now.  *sigh*

I think, being away from people we love is difficult.
And I think, it makes us feel unhappy and quite demotivated.
I also think that the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world is
to be near to our love ones, side-by-side like there's no space left for us to be separated.

I think I miss someone. 

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