Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Berbuka with Sushi^^

Sushi je utk buka puasa? Hehe mestila tak.. Side dish je. Request from adik-adik semalam.

Mmgla boleh beli, mudah, jimat masa and tenaga juga. But the best thing when it's home-made is that, the moment we treasure with our family, while preparing it. Walaupun rupa tak cantik and sedap mcm sushi king punye, tapi rasa sama je kot cam sushi kat jusco and carrefour. Hihi perasan. 

So here it goes, Sushi made by us.

Some of the sushi

Next time will have it with sushi soy-sauce as it is an essential accompaniment to Sushi. Wasabi..err maybe not eventhough it is supposed to add some taste to sushi.

Till then!

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